Lada Vyvialova

Focused on feminity and inside-outside nonverbal fashion communication her design is an expression of sophisticated and relaxed luxury for contemporary women. Fashion by Lada Vyvialova explores advanced simplicity, freedom of movement, comfort and elegance and fulfills the desire to own a timeless piece of minimalist luxury. The brand specialise in patented nanotechnology.

Design fashion label Lada Vyvialova, privat labels, ready-to-wear producers, hat producer Tonak a.s.. Participate on art, fashion and social project as designer, stylist, booster ( Every Czech Reads to Kids, Love Yourself, bonding, Art to People…).


High technical School of Textil Brno, Czech republic,
Academy of fine arts and design, Bratislava, Slovakia,
Tempus programm, Knitwear fashion, Nottingham Trent University, UK.


Grand Prix honorable mention for Bondtriko NanoAg 2016, Prague
Patrizia Gucci Selection, 2016, WFW, Warszawa
Gentleman´s Essentials by MINI, 2015, Zurich
Fashion Point Prague, 2001
Elle edition Award, 1998, Prague
Designer of Seasone, 1998, Brno
Take part on tens of fashion shows and exhibitions in CZ and abroad.