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Lada Vyvialova design is an expression for sophisticated and relaxed luxury for contemporary women. Focused on feminity and inside-outside nonverbal fashion communication it explores advanced simplicity, freedom of movement, comfort and elegance. Lada Vyvialova design fulfills the desire to own a timeless piece of minimalist luxury. It is a specialist in patented nanotechnology.

Fashion from nanofabrics by Lada Vyvialova is balanced, made on slow fashion principles and low CPW (cost per wear ). The prints support the social project “Art for People”. Focused on quality and respect for environment it uses local fabrics and technologies and manufactures in its own studio in the Czech Republic, the European Union Member. 

The fabrics used are tested as a medical aid that helps keep the skin in perfect condition. These are anti-bacterial, antiseptic and odor-adapted silver nanoparticles (Ag). They are functional – they help to remove body moisture, they are UV protected and thermoregulated.

Some fabrics are extremely light, some resistant to dust and dirt due to the lotus effect. We combine them successfully with traditional luxury fabrics such as merino wool, silk or canvas. Our collection includes not only clothing but also hats, gloves, socks and handbags.